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Manuscript Evaluation

Imagine this: you are writing a book. You know what you want to say, you've met your characters already, but it isn't quite finished yet. In fact, you might not know how to complete it.

This is where a manuscript evaluation comes in. Developmental/copy/line edits involve going into detail, while a manuscript evaluation looks at your text as a whole, and helps you work out how to where to go next or how to make your plot and story-telling neater.

What will a manuscript evaluation do for me?

At the end of a manuscript evaluation you will be in possession of a list of improvements you should make to your manuscript, with some general directions showing you the points in your text at which changes need to be made. The list may include some of the following points:

  • how to modify your text so as to keep your readers engaged;

  • places and ways in which you can develop your characters further;

  • appropriateness of text for your target audience;

  • potential legal issues;

  • believability;

  • further research that may be required;

  • ways of making the manuscript more marketable.


- High fantasy

- Magical Realism

- Urban Fantasy

- Superhero Fiction

Science Fiction

- Alternate History

- Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic

- Dystopia

- Steampunk


- Action

- Crime

- Spy

- Legal


- Self-help

- Biography

- Travel Guides

- ELT Literature



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