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Here you can see the site of one of my most prolific clients and closest friends - author Ryan Attard, who entrusted me with his editing needs all the way back when he was just starting out with his urban fantasy books. 

He is now the proud creator of several book series, and with a number of other projects in the pipeline. Do check him out!

Yavor Tsanev is a well-known horror writer in Bulgaria. He has several short story compilations, as well as a couple of children's horror novels. In the book on the left, he is featured with a short story, 'From Afar', based on a painting, about an old woman waiting for her sons to go home. The English translation is mine.

A lovely person I did some story translations from Bulgarian for is Sabina, whose website you can find on

The stories are down-to-earth and heavily emotive, fusing tangible life with the magic that lives right on the edge of reality, and are definitely worth taking a look at.

Ryan Attard, author

Roberta has been editing my books for the past seven years and I can't ask for a better, quicker, and more professional service.

Anita N. Tihor, author

I was advised to turn to Roberta with my first book by long time author Ryan Attard and I knew immediately that my writing was in good hands.

Fast, experienced and easy to work with!



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